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Item IDDescriptionQuantity
DC-1740C Custom Adult CVC Kit (Univ of IA) (30/c   
DC-1770 Custom Dressing Change Kit (BHI) (30/c   
UPK-200 Deluxe Universal Precaution Kit, 25/Cs   
DC-1955 Custom Dressing Change Kit w/Chlorohexid   
DC-1960 Custom Dressing Change Kit w/Chloraprep   
DC-5070STK Dressing Change Kit, Latex-Free (30/cs)   
DC-610SN PICC Dressing Change Kit (24/cs)   
DC-680 VAD Access Tray, Latex-Free (24/cs)   
DC-850A PICC/Midline Cath Insertion Kit, 24/Cs   
DC-850SN Dressing Change Kit, Latex-Free For PICC   
DP5108K Chemo Drug Spill Kits, Homecare   
IM1210 IMS Dressing Change Kit, LatexFree,30/cs   
IM1211 IMS Dressing Change Kit, LF w/CHG 3's, C   
IM2211 IMS Dressing Change Kit, LF,CHG3,Gen,Cs   
IM1212 IMS Dressing Change Kit, LF w/CHG, Cs   
IM2212 IMS Dressing Change Kit, LF,CHG,Gen,Cs   
IM1214 IMS Dressing Change Kit, LF w/Chlorhexid   
IMPA1213B IMS Port Access Kit w/Chloraprep, 30/cs   
IM1200C IMS I.V. Start Kit, LF, Chlorscrub, 50/C   
IM1202C IMS I.V. Start Kit, Latex-Free, Chlorasc   
IM2200C IMS IV Start Kit, LF, Prevantics, Gen,Cs   
IM1223 IMS Dressing Change Kit w/CHG, 30/cs   
IM1205C IMS I.V. Start Kit, Chloraprep (50/cs)   
IM1207C IMS I.V. Start Kit, Chloraprep, 50/cs   
IM1227 IMS Dressing Change Kit w/Chloraprep 30/   
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