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Item IDDescriptionQuantity
1C8109 Solution Set with male Luer lock adapter
2C5641 Extension Set with male Luer lock adapte
2N1193 Microbore I.V. Connector Loop (50/Cs)
2N8378 Standard Bore I.V. Catheter Extension Se
40-0701 Extension Set, 7" "Y" Injection M/F LL
40-0702 Extension Set, 7" M/F LL Slide Clamp .2
40-2001 Extension Set, 12" 1.2 Micron Filter M/
40-3600 Extension Set, 36" Ultra Minibore M/F L
40-6001 Extension Set, 60" Ultra Minibore M/F L
42-4500 Extension Set, 45" Pump Ext Set, 2MLL S
42-6000 Extension Set, 60" Pump Ext Set, 2MLL S
43-3000 Extension Set, 30" M/F LL Pinch Clamp 5
43-3600 Extension Set, 36" High Flow M/F LL Sli
43-6001 Extension Set, 60" High Flow M/F LL Sli
B1001 6" Bifuse Microbr Ext Set, 2FLL, 3Cl (5
B1011 9" Bifuse Ext Set, 2CV,InjSite,2Cl, 50/C
B1019 14" Kink Resistant Ext Set w/.22m Filter
B1052 45" Minibore Ext Set,Pinch Clamp,M/M RLk
B1062 12" Minibore Ext Set, PC, FLL, RM, 50/Cs
B1075 36" Ultra Microbore Ext Set (50/cs)
B1081 45" Ultra Minibore Ext Set w/ASV, 50/Cs
B1093 7" Ext Set , Kink Resistant (50/cs)
B1113 14" Smallbore Ext Set, Clamp, RL, 50/Cs
B1115 12" Macrobore Ext Set w/1.2m Filter (50
B1128 30" Minibore Ext Set,AntiSiphonValve,Pin
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